Autumn at school

Next thursday there will be an exhibition of the work of ‘my children’ of the Barbaraschool in the East of Amsterdam. We looked at nature and made paintings and little animals and insects out of autumn-material. The exhibit is in the Kastanjehof – a perfect place where elderly people life. So me an the children are gonna shake it up a bit there. The picture here shows the first of four lessons, and a painting I made for instruction purpose.


The exhibition is named Botanus Artisticus

Botanus Artisticus



Today I bougth a new Wacom drawing tablet. And got Artrage2 for ‘free’! I like the simpleness of it. And that you can choose pencils ‘stiften’ and their wetness/dryness. Finally I can trow old, dry markers out, cause I can fake them ; ). But then, there is this incredible ugly tool: put the paint right out of the tube. Okay, so it’s a lot cheaper than throwing around with paint, but…take a look at this grass – (I used the scraper to whipe it out a bit, to make it grassy). Beat that haha!



This week is busy Jellinek-week. I work there for three days this week. Calling people who received a treatment. Sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes the stories are very optimistic. Sometimes both at the same time. And many many times, I hear people talk and can see so strongly why they need to escape, but they don’t want to use anything anymore. For these people especially I would hope that life would be easier and escapes could be healthier. This drawing I made during one of the conversations. My own healthy escape I guess.


n8 van de mobiele fanclub

The 3th of november it was museum-night in Amsterdam. Together with other Blijbrigadiers I was at the HELD exposition at the Nieuwe Kerk on the Dam. We were a mobile fanclub and admired all the people that entered. It was a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed being famous for a short while. I made buttons, so we all could dress up as fans.