Don’t you just love mondays? Especially when all need-to-be-done-things were finished last week, and you can choose what to do today, and you know that there’s a whole new week where you can start as well, so why do it today? And you know, your on of those lucky few getting naturaly high on mondays. And life is as uplifting as it will ever be.
Am I annoyingly positive today?
Too bad. Whish you a great tuesday.

flying heart

New years wish

For those who did not receive my silkscreen print, here’s the digital version of my New Years Wish for everyone! May your 2008 be fueled with happiness. Keep it going!

New years wish 2008

Ghost of christmas past

This christmas was the most bizar ever! The worst and the best happened both at the same time. I’ll spare you the details but must admit it caused seriously bad blogging behaviour. Of course New Yearsday 2008 I got myself a good resolution: blog better!

First something to make it up: The second day of christmas I enjoyed these wonderful little icecream-angels: