Stoneware blue flower vase


Half a year ago I asked my mum, if I could make her a little something in my ceramics course.
Yes please! A big vase please, with blue flowers and butterflies.
It turned out to be a huge project. I decorated the big coil built vase with bleu slip and shellack.
It was my first experience with schellack. Not so easy to paint with as I hoped (it’s a sort of
drippy stuff, and the brush becomes stiff quite quickly. Evenso I kind of like the stubborn,
childish result. After washing the blue parts away, it had to dry before going into the oven.
Finnally it got a transparent glossy glaze! The whole project was really zen. Wax on, wax of,
hoping that the vase wouldn’t break in the oven. Trying not attaching to much to it. I was so
happy when it came out of the oven, and turned out alright!
This weekend we brought it to my mum, with some flowers nice flowers in it. She was delighted.
And I feel very happy that ‘the thing’ witch was under construction for so long, is now part of
her daily life.