Weekend in Friesland


My dad’s girlfriend Magda lives in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands. Last weekend,
Jona, Levi and me were invited to stay over. I love to be there. Magda makes you feel so much
at home, and it’s really nice to talk about my dad with her. Lot’s of things from his house are there,
so he is a bit with us. We even watched some old home-movies! My dad, Magda and me,
walking the streets of Berlin. So good to see him, hearing how he makes us, and people on
the streets laugh! Mister sunshine.

I love the farmhouse where Magda lives. It’s very quiet, and the garden is very rough and
natural. Good for all ‘internal dialogues’ to become quiet.

In the photo below my love Jona is relaxing, while the sun is peeping through. Levi is doing his
afternoon nap (still napping!) In the back you see a painting my dad made. He was a way quicker
painter then I am!



Stir it up!

The March assignment of  the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp was to make a pattern inspired
by Jelly pudding. I immediately loved to draw the jello with all its gem-like glow, and
round forms. At the same time, the idea grow to use this pattern to combine two styles
I could divide my work in. The more elaborate drawings and paintings, and the more
simple, iconic, fun drawings. I was curious how this combination would work.
And since Lilla is inspiring everyone two design for real products, I made the design
suitable for an apron, and kitchen glove! Both can be find on Envelop, where they are
for sale.




Sneak peek @ Handsome Jack’s


This weekend café and shop ‘Handsome Jack’s’ opened it’s doors for neighbours and friends to take
a sneak peek! Still lot’s of space to be filled with nice goodies, but: what a warm welcome : ) Lovely
flowers on the tables, really nice little cakes, a very light and happy atmosphere.

And YAY!! Handsome Jack’s will be selling some of my stuff toooo! First of all: 6 different greeting
cards with the herbs I did earlier for Margriet More.

I made the owners Charin Singh & Hannah Kooreman a little stoneware good luck bear to wish
them a wonderful start!