May assignment Lilla Rogers


This month due to deadlines and having the flue at the same time I wondered if I could manage this assignment at all. But then I remembered that at the beginning of the course you should write down what will keep you going. One of those things is my love of colors : ). Also I learned, from a documentary I watched last month, that it’s important to ‘move the product ‘. This means that once you made something, it’s really smart to sell it somewhere else. Since this has been my mantra in the last couple of weeks. I decided to see what I have ‘in stock’, for myself, and look at what I could make with that! Not much drawing, just recycling other, older material from illustrations. The basis was this beauty-make up face I once did for Red magazine (they used it to fill it in with make-up). Hope to make a new meditation one, from scratch, something really simple and cute, another day. For now, this is what I can do!



Spring is popping up!


This spring there are so many outstanding pop-up events, with so much talent and beautiful heartdriven shops, that spring feels more inviting than ever to get OUT there and open your senses. The 12th and 13th of April, there was the heavenly ‘Pots and paper’ pop-up at the first floor of Hear Hear, organized together with Our strange nature.

I was with my little one, so taking pictures of all the nice things was not an option since I had to watch out for him not grasping all the beautiful ceramics. Luckily, Inspire Styling Anne van Midden wrote this great post about it.

And than there were these two great events this weekend. De leukste Campingwinkel van Amsterdam at Roest and the Local Goods Weekend Market in the Hallen, what a great location.

Earlier this year Best Wishes Magazine asked me what I was thinking about Amsterdam. I claimed that Amsterdam is getting it’s mojo back, because of all the new initiatives that arise. These events I’m popping about so wildly enthusiastic definitely support that claim.


Kids building new neighbourhood

In the east of Amsterdam a new Neighbourhood is almost finished. The Oostkaap will offer a lot of houses, shops, a better swimmingpool and a dancingschool. In the meanwhile a class of 11 year olds made their own proposal for how they would like to see there new neigbourhood. There is going to be a club ‘de dansvloer’, a skatetrack, a space-museum, a candycorner and a new school ‘het snoepje’. I made them realize this maquette. In each of the 6 lessons they made an enormous mess. But in the end it was worth it!

Warchild zebra

In ‘Buurtcentrum de Vergulden Eenhoorn’ me and a whole bunch of people where restauring old toys for children. There will be a sale by auction. All the money will go to Warchild. I repainted this ‘hobbelpaard’ (hobby horse?!), no, a hobby zebra.

hobby zebra