May assignment Lilla Rogers


This month due to deadlines and having the flue at the same time I wondered if I could manage this assignment at all. But then I remembered that at the beginning of the course you should write down what will keep you going. One of those thingsĀ is my love of colors : ). Also I learned, from a documentary I watched last month, that it’s important to ‘move the product ‘. This means that once you made something, it’s really smart to sell it somewhere else. Since this has been my mantra in the last couple of weeks. I decided to see what I have ‘in stock’, for myself, and look at what I could make with that! Not much drawing, just recycling other, older material from illustrations. The basis was this beauty-make up face I once did for Red magazine (they used it to fill it in with make-up). Hope to make a new meditation one, from scratch, something really simple and cute, another day. For now, this is what I can do!




Don’t you just love mondays? Especially when all need-to-be-done-things were finished last week, and you can choose what to do today, and you know that there’s a whole new week where you can start as well, so why do it today? And you know, your on of those lucky few getting naturaly high on mondays. And life is as uplifting as it will ever be.
Am I annoyingly positive today?
Too bad. Whish you a great tuesday.

flying heart


This week is busy Jellinek-week. I work there for three days this week. Calling people who received a treatment. Sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes the stories are very optimistic. Sometimes both at the same time. And many many times, I hear people talk and can see so strongly why they need to escape, but they don’t want to use anything anymore. For these people especially I would hope that life would be easier and escapes could be healthier. This drawing I made during one of the conversations. My own healthy escape I guess.