Weekend in Friesland


My dad’s girlfriend Magda lives in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands. Last weekend,
Jona, Levi and me were invited to stay over. I love to be there. Magda makes you feel so much
at home, and it’s really nice to talk about my dad with her. Lot’s of things from his house are there,
so he is a bit with us. We even watched some old home-movies! My dad, Magda and me,
walking the streets of Berlin. So good to see him, hearing how he makes us, and people on
the streets laugh! Mister sunshine.

I love the farmhouse where Magda lives. It’s very quiet, and the garden is very rough and
natural. Good for all ‘internal dialogues’ to become quiet.

In the photo below my love Jona is relaxing, while the sun is peeping through. Levi is doing his
afternoon nap (still napping!) In the back you see a painting my dad made. He was a way quicker
painter then I am!



Stir it up!

The March assignment of  the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp was to make a pattern inspired
by Jelly pudding. I immediately loved to draw the jello with all its gem-like glow, and
round forms. At the same time, the idea grow to use this pattern to combine two styles
I could divide my work in. The more elaborate drawings and paintings, and the more
simple, iconic, fun drawings. I was curious how this combination would work.
And since Lilla is inspiring everyone two design for real products, I made the design
suitable for an apron, and kitchen glove! Both can be find on Envelop, where they are
for sale.




Sneak peek @ Handsome Jack’s


This weekend café and shop ‘Handsome Jack’s’ opened it’s doors for neighbours and friends to take
a sneak peek! Still lot’s of space to be filled with nice goodies, but: what a warm welcome : ) Lovely
flowers on the tables, really nice little cakes, a very light and happy atmosphere.

And YAY!! Handsome Jack’s will be selling some of my stuff toooo! First of all: 6 different greeting
cards with the herbs I did earlier for Margriet More.

I made the owners Charin Singh & Hannah Kooreman a little stoneware good luck bear to wish
them a wonderful start!



Stoneware blue flower vase


Half a year ago I asked my mum, if I could make her a little something in my ceramics course.
Yes please! A big vase please, with blue flowers and butterflies.
It turned out to be a huge project. I decorated the big coil built vase with bleu slip and shellack.
It was my first experience with schellack. Not so easy to paint with as I hoped (it’s a sort of
drippy stuff, and the brush becomes stiff quite quickly. Evenso I kind of like the stubborn,
childish result. After washing the blue parts away, it had to dry before going into the oven.
Finnally it got a transparent glossy glaze! The whole project was really zen. Wax on, wax of,
hoping that the vase wouldn’t break in the oven. Trying not attaching to much to it. I was so
happy when it came out of the oven, and turned out alright!
This weekend we brought it to my mum, with some flowers nice flowers in it. She was delighted.
And I feel very happy that ‘the thing’ witch was under construction for so long, is now part of
her daily life.




Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers


This month I started out with the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp! For half a year Lilla Rogers, who is one of
the world’s top agents will give me and the other students assignments to create our own products.
Having these assignments really pushes me to make the stuff I wanted to make for ages. I think it’s
because there are deadlines involved! As Lilla put’s it, with her wonderful sense of kind and
encouraging humor: ‘The deadline is your friend.’

I just finished my first phone cover design. Since starting out with something new, I made this
acorn print: ‘Every oak tree started out as an acorn.’ And, YES! it’s for sale! So if you just might
need a new phone cover, here you go:



Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers

My dad and me

My dad and me

On the 20th of April 2012 my dad past away. His sickness and death made me indescribably
sad. I had lost my best pal in the world, and could not imagine how to live without him.
My son, who was at that time half a year old, as well as my husband and my work forced me
to carry on and stay positive.

But sadness and anger found their way. There were times when I saw fathers with their daughters,
and I felt so jealous and angry. A side of me that wasn’t pretty at all.
For that I hated myself, and felt disgusted with my outlook to the world.

Now time has past, I’m glad and thankful that feelings and thoughts have changed.
Having some of my dad’s nice stuff in our house, going through pictures and notes, I have found
many ways in which I still can be in touch with my dad.

I’m thankful that the anger has past. When I now see a father with his daughter I can be sincerely
happy for them, I know how it felt, and can enjoy the richness of memories we share together.

I feel inspired and happy to be able to create many new good memories together with my son,
who is now 2,5 years old. This is the way of life.

One of the best things I did last year was making a drawing of some of the stuff I got from my dad.
It forced me to take time to grief. To feel sad in between working and caring for my little family.
There it was that for the first time I discovered that some kind of dialogue still was possible
between me and him.

I’m very proud and happy that the drawing was featured in the beautiful Work/Life 3 UPPERCASE
directory of illustration, and yesterday it got mentioned at Illustration Served, curated by Behance.


Een ei, een boon en een koe: Scandinavian Embassy

Een ei, een boon en een koe: Scandinavian Embassy

Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re proud to present our very first and very special guest blogger!
Meet urban explorer, illustrator and stylist, the delightful miss Aura Scaringi. Born in Sicily,
Italy, she never just buys a dress, she buys an ‘outfit’. Ask her something… anything…
and she will know.

Aura went to Scandinavian Embassy, a place where eggs (eggelettes!) and jam (lingon berry)
are a complete new experience. A place with lots of wood (of course!!).

This guest post will be in Dutch, but we recommend visitors from any place on earth
to stop by.

Een ei, een boon en een koe: Scandinavian Embassy – door Aura Scaringi
Aura’s website http://www.mimimou.com

Een ei en wat boter, over het algemeen blijf ik uit de buurt van eenvoudig beleg als ik uit lunchen
ga. Geef mij maar een taartbroodje: geitenkaas, geroosterde groente, rucola en nootjes, en de
toe. Deze keer was het anders. Het Scandinavische interieur met veel hout, de
serieuze blik van de twee 
eigenaren achter de bar, de heerlijke geur en de blijde gezichten om
me heen, trokken me over de streep.

Even later kreeg ik een plankje voorgeschoteld met brood en drie kommetjes ‘beleg’, de door de
barista bedachte espressoboter en twee soorten jam. Mijn grote liefde had een door de kok
bedacht eitje besteld. 
Bij die eerste hap stond de aarde even stil en bij de tweede hap begonnen
we druk door elkaar de lijst 
samen te stellen van alle mensen met wie we deze ontdekking moesten

Het Ei van Rikard Andersson (chef keuken) heeft hij eggelette genoemd, een kruising tussen een
spiegelei en een omelet. De espressoboter is een uitvinding van Nicolas Castagno (Brewers Cup
Kampioen van 
Zweden 2013) en heeft een karamelachtige smaak maar dan puntiger, heerlijk.
Ik kreeg ook nog een 
fantastische jam van een bes die alleen maar in Scandinavië groeit,
de lingon berry, vergelijkbaar met 
passievrucht maar dan zonder het zuurtje. Och, en de espresso…
ik proefde frisse cassis en genoot 
van mijn kopje met dichte ogen.


De lange bar/keuken met fijne krukken is een uitnodiging om te zien hoe je eten en drinken
wordt bereid. Hoe vaak zie je dat nou, in Amsterdam? Meestal worden koks ergens onder de
grond gestopt, ver weg van elk straaltje zon. Ik moet zeggen dat het onze lunch alleen maar
lekkerder maakte. Ah, en nog een wonderlijkprachtig detail: de schorten van Nikolas en Rikard,
ontworpen en gemaakt door zijn vrouw Dominika Budny. Ik wil ze ook.

Dus pak je fiets en ga erheen, bemachtig een plekje aan de bar of aan de grote tafel achterin,
bereid je voor op heerlijke perfectie in al haar eenvoud en luister naar de verhalen van deze
jongens: achter elk detail en hapje zit een hele wereld verscholen.

Scandinavian Embassy, Sarphatipark 34, 1072 PB Amsterdam

Thanks Aura for your delicious post!