Poes will not make to my website.
Poes doesn’t communicate.
But poes is here to stay anyway.

Poes rules.




What’s waisting a day? Yesterday I made some buttons (the ones to stick on). Took far to long, and the’re probably not going to be used. At the same time I COULD HAVE (argh) worked on digital buttons for my website.

But still. It wasn’t a waist after all, cause in the proces, I made this one, which I really like. POP life!


Autumn makes up for summer

What a beautiful weather! Again! Autumn is making up completely for this louzy summer. Today I went to Park Frankendael in the east of Amsterdam, to search for some autumn leaves. Took a peak at the Kas (for me a too expensive restaurant, but a very good place, cause they grow there own vegetables, and they take so much care with there whole styling). These strawberries and lemons were growing still outside in the sun.

autumn strawberry


first day

Today is the small but not less important kick of of my wordpress-site. So here I am! My aim is to share all the fun stuff wich I see around me, and the just-for-fun drawings and notes. In other words: the daily notes that make me smile. Or think. I hope some will share that with me.

I choose not to place these notes on my site valezki.com, because I want to use that for things I made with a certain intention. This stuff will be without any intention, other than to share my vision on the world. Mmm. Sounds like a big intention anyway. Always good to write things down. Makes you question your intentions on the whole. Well. Let’s stop fooling myself and kick off!!

dwelling of no.1